Piano being craned up to a Toronto balcony.
Braymore's team is craning a 7-foot, 800-lb Concert Grand Piano to a condo balcony in Toronto's Distillery District. At 50 feet elevation, the piano is snugly padded and secured by pro grade nylon hoisting straps.

Braymore - Toronto Specialty Movers & Crane Experts

Braymore is a Toronto, Ontario piano moving company providing piano moving service to Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton and other GTA locations.

Whether providing a grand piano move or moving an upright piano, Braymore has the specialized piano moving equipment and know-how for success.

Braymore at a glance...

In business since: 1981
Homestar Rating: 9.8/10
Google Average Stars: 4.9/5
Years serving GTA: 40
Moves per year: Over 1,000
Kilometers per Year: 200,000
Our knuckle crane aids moves like this one in neighbourhoods throughout Ontario.
Finally moved into their new home with their grand piano in place and ready to be played.
Braymore customers throughout the GTA are satisfied with Braymore's care and precision.

Like most specialty movers, we excel in difficult moves. We routinely crane swimming spas, hot tubs and other challenging items every day. Braymore's craning service is available when you need it.

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