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About Crane / Hoising

Why use Braymore?
Braymore is more than just a crane service.  It is a specialty mover too! Whenever you need something craned you usually have to hire multiple services to get the job done.  For example, a mover and a crane operator. These are two separate services that are hard to co-ordinate together and there can be an insurance issue where the two services meet.  You can also incur extra costs while one service is waiting for the other to arrive or do its part.  If one party fails to show up, do you think the other service will waive their charges for being there or waiting for them to show up?  With Braymore, a lot of these problems disappear, because we are an all in one solution.  Braymore has earned a reputation in Ontario for being the mover of choice.  Do not take our word for it, ask around.  When you want the job done right there really is only one place to call. 

Can you Crane items anywhere?
No.  There are a lot of factors to consider when craning.  Whether the terain is level or strong enough to support a crane?  Are there obscales that are blocking access, like trees and power lines?  Will the municipality allow you to crane here or do you need a permit or police officers?  You should always have a site estimate done when you consider to have something craned.  This way you can avoid problems on the moving day.