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You may have noticed that no mover on the internet publishs his rates and have wondered why this is?  Your most basic move generally starts just over $200 and goes up from there depending on a lot of factors.

Generally there are a lot of variables required in giving people a proper quote.  Factors that play into the cost are: size of the piano, locations of where it is being moved to/from, whether there is any steps inside/outside, any tight turns to manouver, whether the piano has to go across grass, when you are looking to have it done, if there is any time restraints on the move, etc.  Without answering all these details, you generally get a bad quote and nobody likes getting bad quote.  What may not seem like a big deal to you, could be a huge deal to the mover. The reverse of this is also true.  Nobody likes surprises, we therefore always suggest:

When having anything moved talk to a live person. 
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