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Golden Steinway Concert Piano Move in Toronto

This is not a move that regular household movers or even basic piano movers can handle.  Braymore is the only piano mover in Ontario that has the resources to do this job.  Braymore has a properly equipped warehouse to receive this piano.  Braymore uncrated and inspected this piano to determine its moving requirements.  This instrument is a custom designed piano that has non-removable piano legs.   Non-removable piano legs are virtually unheard of in the piano industry and create extreme difficulty in moving a piano.  Braymore designed custom piano moving equipment to do this delivery and supplied extra manpower to ensure that this move was done properly.  As you can tell from the pictures below, this is one job where nothing less than perfection is expected and required.

When it comes to piano moving, there is no limit to what Braymore can accomplish.

When it comes to piano moving, Braymore is the real expert.     

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