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About Specialty Movers


How Braymore got into Specialty Moving
Braymore started out in 1981 in the business of piano moving.  Over the years Braymore built a reputation for being a mover that handled the products it touched with care.  Braymore also developed a reputation for finding a way to get the job done, no matter how difficult as safely as possible. When customers saw how Braymore's movers operated.  Braymore was constantly asked if Braymore would move other items beside the pianos. From entire houses, to offices and their equipment, to unique items that no one else seemed to want to handle.  Having the equipment and know how to move large equipment and not wanting to lose our special touch that Braymore had developed: Braymore started taking on specialty jobs that people did not want to allow standard movers to handle and/or regular movers refused to handle.  These ranged from hot tubs, gun safes, photocopiers, computer server racks to egyptian sarcophagus lids and statues.  Because a lot of these jobs require special equipment, Braymore has started to create a collection of equipment to do these types of jobs (winches and lifts).  Braymore also has its own special knuckle cranes for manouvering in tight spaces and contacts with those companies that rent the larger equipment that it does not have yet (over-sized size crane units).    


These jobs often require estimates to establish what type of equipment and manpower is required to perform them safely.  If you have a job that you would like Braymore to do, please Contact Us.


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