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About Warehouse Services

Braymore Delivery Company Ltd. was found in 1981. In 1984 Braymore started Braymore Distribution Services at 34 Alex Ave. in Woodbridge, Ontario. At that time we specialized in heated storage that required special handling (i.e. pianos).  The companies that require our service are companies who are starting out and who do not have enough year-round stock to warrant a warehouse and the expense that goes with it, larger companies that are looking to downsize their operation, companies that are tired of warehouses that mistreat their merchandise and are looking for a storage facility that cares.   Since 1984 our operation has grown as it has become more in demand. After running our warehouse at full capacity for a number of years, we decided in 2004 to double our size to meet the current demand. In October 2004 we moved our operation to 320 Norfinch Dr. in North York, Ontario which serves Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. By the middle of 2005 it became clear that we under estimated our demand and opened a second warehouse by the end of 2005.