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During these trying times and in this current medical crisis: Some of Braymore’s operations have been deemed essential services by the government, so Braymore is technically open at the moment but in a reduced capacity.  Our warehouse is currently open but with new policies and procedures in place to help reduce contact between our staff and drivers.  That said we are trying to do our part in this critical situation to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and have reduced our staff as much as possible to comply with the government until the government gives us the all clear.  We have placed new policies in place to help reduce contact and keep distance between individuals to meet the government mandate as best as humanly possible.  For those that we are coming in contact with us, we understand that during regular times, some of these policies may seem silly at first glance, but ask that you respect and try and work with us to make sure we are all doing our best to keep EVERYONE safe.

Please do your part to make sure things are safe for everyone and speed up the recovery of this crisis. 

1.Keep things clean to reduce germs.

2.Wash your hands with soap any time you come into contact with anyone.

3.Keep 6 feet apart wherever possible.

4.Do not share objects between people, like pens, carry your own.

5.Try and go paperless where-ever possible.  Ask for paperwork and documents to be emailed to you to reduce physical contact.

6.Wipe or wash down any common surfaces that we might come into contact with while helping you prior to us coming to prevent us from picking up anything from you in case you might already be an unknown carrier of it.

7.Wipe or wash down any common surfaces that might have come in contact with other people, including ourselves so that we do not pass anything to you in case we are an unknown carrier of it.

To the best of our knowledge, none of our staff as contracted the virus.  That being said the government and healthcare system has made it very clear that anyone could be an unknown carrier of this virus.  You should treat all individuals you come in contact with, including ourselves as potential carriers of it.

All COVID-19 policies and procedures at Braymore will constantly be updating as more information is provided by our government and health authorities and we are looking for your input on additional ways to keep everyone safe.  Thank you in advance for your help in preventing COVID-19.