Gallery: Ornate, Custom Steinway Grand Piano Move

The Challenge: Ornate, golden filgree and one-piece construction. Non-removable legs are unusal and present significant logistical challenges.

The Solution: Extra resources on the job. Along with custom-designed and fabricated rigging to allow moving the instrument in one piece.

Braymore uncrated and inspected this piano to determine its moving requirements. It is a custom designed instrument with fixed piano legs that can snap without the utmost in care. The ability to remove legs and separate the sections of a piano is one of the things that allows piano movers to do their magic. But this beautiful instrument needed to be moved as one solid object. This is not a move that regular household movers or even basic piano movers can manage. Braymore is the only piano mover in Ontario with resources to do this job, including a properly equipped warehouse, specialized moving equipment and extra team members.